Inspection & Quality Control

Experienced & Professional Quality Control Team

Pre-Production Inspection:

Audit the suppliers to guarantee it's not a scammer and has enough capacity to take the orders.

On-Porduction Inspection:

Follow up the orders to make sure it's delivery on time. And keep update to our customer if there are any changes. Control the problems before happened.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the Other issues to according your requirement before delivery.  If there any difference. We will let you make decision.

Storage & Re-Packing


Over 1000 M2 Warehouse.
Able to storage around 20*40HQ Containers at the same time Consolidation. We provide a full local collection & product consolidation service

Re-packing as your requirement, Such like the change the carton, inner box, label. Barcode, making the wooden pallet etc.

The re-packing service charges will be separately according the cost.

Documents & shipping

Prepare all the documents , Declare to the China Custom properly.
Even for some special products. We can also manage in the Custom. And we can helping you to get most of the documents necessary from China.

Freight Cargo.
Working with different shipping line such like MSC. APL, PPL at the best rate to any port around the world. Arrange the small shipment LCL to any port. We also providing Door to Door Service. You can also working with your own shipping agent. We provide FOB terms.

Air shipping & Express.
Providing the competitive price of the air & express shipment from China.

About Us

Centraltrade was established in 2005 with a vision to provide one-stop solution to wholesalers and importers all across the globe. We are a leading general trading company based in Yiwu China. We are in the wholesale general merchandise of products such as daily-use commodities, toys, stationery, accessories, kitchenware, hardware, electric appliance and electronics and auto accessory.

Strait Forward

Our services include product sourcing, market guide, translation, quality control, warehousing, export inspection, documents preparation, customs declaration, international shipping etc.

ONE-STOP Service

Via local suppliers, manufacturers & distributors or factory directly. Our company offers market guide and end-to-end procurement services for merchandise manufactured in China.

We are selective

We only work with quality ones and we match suppliers with buyers solely based on the requirements of specific sourcing needs, without considering kickbacks or commission

Our main products group

Packaging, Advertising & Office


Home, Lights & Construction


Gifts, Sports & Toys


Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecom


Auto & Transportation


Apparel, Textiles & Accessories


"We reply to all serious inquries, and we do that fast. We will get back to you usually within 24 hours."

We are fast

Persistence in transparency and quality

We're dedicated to make your product the way you want it, and ship it where you want it.

Our Yiwu sourcing & buying service - total package comes to help when you come to visit and buy from Yiwu Market. We take care of all aspects of your buying trip, from day one airport picking up to hotel booking, market & factory tour guide, negotiation & interpretation, quality control, collecting goods, warehouse, customs clearance and finally shipping – all done in a qualified and efficient manner.

"The whole of our work is to create value for customers. And making” buying from China” much safer and easier!."

We work for your success

Why Choose Us

  • Transparency

    You get transparency with us and it benefit you in three folds:

    (1.)We don't take or ask for hidden commission from your suppliers, money that is ultimately added onto you by typically 3-20% of your order value on top of what you pay the agent for his or her service.

    (2.)We don't hold back manufacturer identity, quality issues we catch or any other information you need and ought to know. We are on your side and defend you all the time even when there are supplier issues.

    (3.)We make clear and keep open all our fees so that you know all the costs from the very beginning before you make a deposit.

    NEXT: Quality Guarantee

  • Quality Guarantee

    No one pays more attention to quality details like we do. We respect your product specs, and we ensure factory do the same. With years of working experiences in manufacturing and quality assurance, we know how to deal with factories and ensure product quality for you. We make sure you get the right product you paid for, instead of cheap nothing that can't be sold. You'll be refunded for damaged or defective products received in your warehouse.

    NEXT: Low Cost

  • Low cost

    Our fees are affordable, allowing you to get started without large upfront cost. We don't charge you for membership fees, we get you direct & true factory prices. And for the fact that we don't add huge cost onto you sub rosa, you truly go low cost with us.

    NEXT: Organized workflow

  • Organized workflow

    A disorganized agent gives you new headaches in addition to those disorganized suppliers create. With organized, systematic way of work and great attention-to-details attitude we get jobs done efficiently on the other side of the world, saving you huge amount of time. No inconsistent communications, no confusion, and no worries. You get back to what you do best with the peace of mind.

    NEXT: Yiwu Based

  • Yiwu Based

    We work here in Yiwu. This means local knowledge, maximum face-time on the production floor and minimum communication delay. How often will they have face-to-face contact with suppliers when they have to spend hours even days getting to Yiwu (let along controlling product quality)?

    There are those who offer 1% commission, claiming misleadingly to be "the Yiwu official", "No.1" or "the best", and those who live up to what they say and truly save you time and money. We invite you to experience the difference.

    Browse our website for more details please and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

See more reasons

"We believe that Integrity and Honesty are the biggest advantages we have so far."

Plus Profession and Dedication

Meet Our Team

They are really nice!

Mr.Martinez (Ma Zong)

Vice-President & Director

As a founding director of Centraltrade, I'm focused on supporting clients to build their businesses. Native language is Dutch, I am also fluent in English and Spanish. I speak moderate Chinese and French.

Ms.Jiang (Jocelyn)

President and co-founder

Having co-founded Centraltrade Trading, Ms. Jiang oversees all of the administrative aspects of the business. Her biggest strength is client relationships and customer assistance.

Mr.Jiang (Feng)

VP of Sales & Marketing

Rich experience of dealing with inquires , product development , sourcing the right factories and products , factory audit , quality control , outside lab testing , order follow up, goods inspection , logistic , quality claim etc

Mr.Yi Zong (Elvis)

Office/HR Manager

At Centraltrade, we are proud to work with a team of innovative, passionate and highly experienced professionals.

Yiwu Sourcing Commission(USD)

  • 9,999-

  • 1-9 suppliers
  • 6% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 5.5% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 7% Commission
  • 10,000-29,999

  • 1-9 suppliers
  • 3% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 3.5% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 5% Commission
  • 30,000-49,999

  • 1-9 suppliers
  • 2% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 2.5% Commission
  • 10-19 suppliers
  • 4% Commission

Contact Us

Centraltrade CO.,LTD, Yiwu Zhejiang China, 405 Unit 1 Building 92, Chunhan 2nd district

TEL: +86-579-84238097


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